Roadmap (this is next)

Customize Airtable look & feel

Render any Airtable view into your members area with filtering & style customization controls.

Upsell additional databases

Create payment 'groups' that enable different database access based on which price point a user subscribes to. This means you could have a free database offering and then upsell a premium base to your subscribers.

User groups

Similar to payment groups, user groups will enable more control into which products and extras your subscribers can access.

Enable multiple payment gateways

Better integration's for enabling ANY payment gateway, Paypal, Lemon Squeezy etc. Development of our payment infrastructure to enable more control & flexibility.

Email notifications

Manage your transactional mail & admin notifications in app.

Better integrations into Site builders like Framer + Webflow

Working on easier integrations to add your checkout form & members login forms into your existing website, or site builder application.

Help shape Paytable